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Son of Elita


Punto Fijo, Venezuela



[Eli.sound] Although his inclusion in the production started late, Luis Oscar Pimentel aka Son of Elita has not stopped working for his underground dance project to be heard, reaching all corners of the world. Step by step with much patience and discipline has managed to enter more than 100 underground music labels, being increasingly close to being someone important in his genre. Venezuelan by birth, he became interested in underground music at 24 years of age, and although electronic music is not a trend in his small town, he traveled through the main cities of the country to attend the most important festivals and afters of that time.


His discipline has led him to sneak into the best Minimal labels, including Baile Musik (Germany), Sakadat (London), Unknown Artist Records (Ukraine), Celo Records (France), Enfant Records (Romania), Tip Tap Records ( Spain), Unfelde Records (Romania), Vandalism Musique (Romania), Moral Fiber (Netherlands), Embi Music (Germany), Moob Records (Mexico), Conceptual Records (Ukraine), Coquette Records (London), ExpMental Recordings (Spain ), Agua y Sed (Chile), Tonic.d Records (Greece), Not for Us (Brazil), The red Skull (Hungary), Verbreiten Records (Serbia), PUNCHIS (USA), among many more.


This year 2020 begins a new stage in a musical career by opening a music Platform that promises to be among the best lists called Eli.Sound which will print in the genres Minimal, Micro House, Micro Techno, Deep House, Experimental Music, Downtempo and Breaks in digital and vinyl format with the best allies in digital sound, marketing and distribution, and if to finish his mother's name is ELITA ;)



Genre: minimal / deep tech / micro house / micro techno


Hometown: Punto Fijo, Venezuela


Record Label: Baile MusikSakadat / Unknown Artist Records / Celo Records / Tip Tap Records / Unfelde Records / Embi Music / Tonic.d Records / Not for Us


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