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Shawn Jackson


Chicago, USA




Chicago based Shawn Jackson is the front man behind the renowned Tres14 Music, Minordub and Driven Recordings labels and premier mastering house "Dance Pro Music Mastering".

With countless releases in the Beatport TOP 100 on notable seals like Low Groove, Fine Music, Serious Things, Infamous Recordings, Hatching Creatures, Play Groove recordings, Plastic Galaxy, eMBi Music, Del Sol, Techaway Records, Bandaid, Maintain Replay Records, Habitat, Kootz Music, Antura records, Driven Recordings, Minordub, Ufo Recordings & Inexplikable.



Genre: minimal / tech house / techno


Hometown: Chicago, USA


Record Label: Low Groove / Fine Music / Serious Things / Infamous Recordings / Hatching Creatures / Play Groove recordings / Plastic Galaxy / eMBi Music / Del Sol / Techaway Records / Bandaid / Maintain Replay Records / Habitat / Kootz Music / Antura records / Driven Recordings / Minordub / Ufo Recordings


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