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Pristine, Kosovo



Nothing more than a man who love to incise that distortion vibe straight up in your face. Pumio is known for his own unique style that brings with it self straight up techno colored with enormous heavy and deep dark elements . Representing Future is indeed term, robo is on his way !!

Pumio Space is an avid record collector, whose passion for discovering rare electronic music gems breathes life into his unique style of music. His individuality and dedication have seen his music recognized by respected artists in the industry.


Pumio is the founder of Playfest, an outdoor music festival that held a successful first edition last summer. The festival was situated in a beautiful location, amid pine trees. 2019 marked the establishment of Playdrum, a DJ collective and record label co-founded by Pumio Space and five other DJs from Kosovo. The following years will be decisive for the artist, who is on a constant pursuit to create and play authentic underground electronic music.



Genre: techno


Hometown: Pristine, Kosovo


Record Label: Driving Forces Recordings / Yin Yang / Selected / 99% Robot/ TMM Records


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