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Novatek (GR)


Thessaloniki, Greece



Novatek is a project by Savvas Georgiadis.


Savvas Georgiadis is a music producer/DJ from Thessaloniki, Greece and one of the pioneers of the techno scene in his country.

Owner of Kinetik Records and Smash records


His activities in electronic music started in 1987 and since then, Savvas, using various pseudonyms/projects has released music ranging from deep mimimal techno to percussive tools to electro.

Known also under these Aliases:

Cleon, Dataman, Digitalia, Diskinesia, DJSavage, Fujiyama, Giorgio & Andreas, Interphaze, Marcelino Sanchez, Mat Johnson, Neural Network, Neuro-D, Novatek, S. "Reverb" G., Sava.Geo, Savvas, Shukhov, Taelos, The Infonaut, The Repeater



Genre: deep / minimal / techno / electro 


Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece


Record Label: Kinetik Records / In Fact recordings / Contrast / Libertine Records / Kinesthetik Recordings / Bell Boy Records / Preset / Harthouse / Warning Inc. / Smash Records / Telepathy / 



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