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Athens, Greece



Μinimalerror is a non – genre binary concept by Kosta A. His musical background has shifted a lot throughout his upbringing. Being exposed to electronic / dance music at a very early age through his family yet did not quite stick with it (consciously) but it has always been a thing within. He was always attracted to the repetition, beat, and grooves and music would always make him feel at home.


Born and raised in Athens, Greece and having lived Dubai, Bath and Bristol– he would like to describe his sounds being sophisticated and cosmopolitan.

Heavily influenced by his teenage ventures across the city, Μinimalerror got introduced to sounds of Athens’ Six D.o.g.s, Blend, Revolt!, Evolution and other promoters.


Kosta has gone from hip-hop to metal to jungle, deep into psytrance to eventually settle down in forward thinking techno(ish) soundscapes.

Early adulthood emerged and he finds himself in another country studying, working and messing around with Ableton and a few records. minimalerror emerged from the urge for groove, the urge for beat, the urge for togetherness.

Some of his releases have been picked up from beatport’s staff and have been included in the staff picks.


Influenced by: DVS1, Delano Smith, DJ Sprinkles, Ben Sims, Mark Broom, Truncate, Steve O’Sullivan, The Advent, Mr G.


Cultivating Underground Sounds

Genre: deep tech / techno / minimal


Hometown: Athens, Greece


Record Label: Recycle Limited / PITS / The Pool House / Low rec / Fat Down records


r e c o r d s

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