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Mehmet Özbek


Istanbul, Turkey



Mehmet Özbek started everything when back in 2008. He was affected by the bass and the deepness in the music. And he always followed that vibe. He started DJing at 2011 in local home parties and his first official gig was at 2012. After calling himself "Myth" and DJing for 5 years and hosting gigs with big artists such as Squarewave, RDG, DJ Absurd, Gantz, Commodo he understood that he must do more in the music scene and he started producing in 2015.

It didn't take too much time for him to get attention on his music. He was supported by big artists like Distance, Joe Nice, N-Type on their radio shows or special podcasts.

In the beginning of 2016 Myth has officialy releaased his first EP from Silent Motion Records including remixes from OldGold and FillSpectre. He was in the top 10 list of Junodownload for more than 3 weeks. After than he became the label manager of Platform Music which is the biggest bass music label in Balkans.

After 5 years in the bass music scene, he is now producing and playing techy house bits and minimal techno under his own name. Its impossible for him to forget his roots thats why he is always using the duby elements in his house music production.



Genre: deep tech / tech house / minimal


Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey


Record Label: Deep Phase / Intersection Records / Fierce Animals Records



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