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Lucca Fernando

New York, USA



"Music is found everywhere, even in silence; let your ears guide your mind and let the body take control"


DJ / Producer based in New York, USA.


At an early age he started to get in touch with music because of his grandfather, who used to play the saxophone. His role model made him follow the path of music. Even though he didn't follow the same music style, for him, listening to his grandfather was one of the biggest influences he had.


At the age of 16th he started to get attracted to the hypnotizing sound of electronic music and because all his friends used to party a lot, he began to get more involved in the underground scene in the north of his island.


Getting into private gigs where all his friends and local deejays used to play, with some of the most remarkable names in the international community of electronic music it made him feel motivated to become one.


In 2010, inspired by sounds and ideas, he began to focus deep in the electronic music scene but this time as a deejay and producer. Lucca Fernando doesn’t like to specify his sound as a unique genre but his style can fit well on the following music categories: Minimal / Techno / Tech-house.


Just to mention a few places he has played, we found Onno's Bar, Dubai Club, Bocanada Bar, Marum Lounge, Mamajuana Bar, Matero Discotec, Ahí Bar Dance, Palafitos Bar, Corcho Wine Room NYC, private parties and more.


Genre: minimal / techno / tech house


Hometown: New York, USA


Record Label: TRIPPING / Berlin aufnahmen / Dark & Sonorous Recording


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