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Munich, Germany


Felt - touched - a breeze which takes it to the extremes - more then expectec- ted, flicking and trotting collaterally - into a new age of perception - sound cre- ates our environment! In his early years Hutti already got infected careless with the art of making music. With the age of 3 he started playing the violin which helped him gain his ability for a good sense of hearing of tones and melodies. A few years later he began with drums and percussion - a great fundamental for his rhythmic sense. In his youth, beginning at the age of twelve he discovered his love for psychedelic sounds and distorted electronic atmospheres. After extensive listening to the DJ live sets of famous artist he was encouraged to learn the art of DJing. No sooner said then done Hutti began to buy vinyl records to play them on his friends turntables. After intensive examination with the matters he bought himself his own turntables to fully concentrate on mixing. But something was missing... the mixing itself was really tempting, but he wanted to be flexible and the possibility to share his acquired impressions. Since then he started producing his own sounds and very soon he began working with Ableton Live, which offers him the perfect mixture between vinyl and his own music.


Together with Mr. Loco and equipped with two packed records cases they both began to play in the big and small cities around Starnberger See, Weilheim and all the way into Munich. Very soon they landed at Treibjagd and won the Treibjagd DJ-Contest in 2010 as a duo named Kollektiv Farbenfroh. Meanwhile he has built up a really varied reference list of gigs which go from Munich(Harry Klein, Bullit Club, Palais and many more) to the district of Weilheim (Färberloung, Glashaus) and Passau (Liquid Club). It is a pleasure to see Hutti working on the turntables and to realize how much fun he has with his music. But now enough of the theory, just listen to it and celebrate!


Genre: Minimal / tech house / techno 


Hometown: Munich, Germany


Record Label: Freak in Records  / Treibjagd Records


r e c o r d s

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