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Filipe Barbosa


Lisbon, Portugal


 From Portugal, Filipe Barbosa direction & concept is to bring his sound all around the world.


After a big jouney releasing music under the name Bilro & Barbosa, his first solo album was released in 2013 by one of the world's most important techno labels on the market, Kne'Deep Records from DJ Rush, following releases on Naked Lunch Records, Elektrax Recordings, Counter Pulse, X erie, Infinitech, Bass Tune Records, UAR, Constructive Cycle, Achromatiq, Naughty Pills, Biotech and others.



Genre: tech house / techno 


Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal


Record Label: Kne’ Deep Records / Naked Lunch / Elektrax / Counter Pulse / Naughty Pills / Envenom and more



r e c o r d s

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