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Dema Interview

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On 2016, many of your tracks released in collections from labels such as the Monique Musique, Recovery Tech, Agile records, Reload Black label and KD music, do you have plans to release any EP soon?


 I'm working hard to finish some new releases on many mainstream labels but I prefer to not announce nothing for now, will be a surprise! For sure I will release also on my own label Redrum music!

Dema, as a name is already known by the european techno scene and your sound is recognized by the clubbers, how do you feel that you have achieved such a conquest? it was desirable from the beginning ?

I have started to make music 12 years ago and I didn't think to find myself around the globe, in clubs and radio after few years. It was a little dream and It's still so, but I have many things to do yet.

In Greece we love techno and tech house music, the audience is waiting to hear rhythms and dance till the morning, is there anything would you like to say to the fans who expect your NIGHT?

 I will make a 3hours set full of rhythms and energy. I will test some new things, plus I will play some old stuff in order to create a log trip into the music.

As a producer, you count multiple collaborations, there is any collaboration where the result was so unique in order not to forget it ever?

I have worked with many djs but Paride Saraceni is the one that I consider the best producer of the moment and I'm very happy to work with him from many years!

With few words, can you describe your unique sound? As a dj, what do you want to pass to your crowd?

 In this last year I'm very focused on techno sound with hypnotic ambience, strong basslines and energetic groove. I like to use strange vocals and sometimes some funky influences in order to make the tunes more particulars and "danceable". I always try to give the idea of "party" every time that someone listens my tunes.

Finally thanks for your time! See you in Athens.

Thanks for your support and see you on the dancefloor!


Special thanks to Mikee for this interview..



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