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Dohen (GR)


Athens, Greece



Dohen, a Greek born dj and producer is an upcoming artist on the Minimal and Deep Tech underground music scene. His love and passion for music began when learning to play the piano at the tender age of 8 and it’s fair to say his commitment and drive has been ever-growing since. He took his first steps in djing and production in 2004. Since then, he has performed in a variety of music genres from minimaland electronica to tech house and techno. Dohen has shared turntable duties with Mr. Deka (Moan), Alessio Viggiano (Bla BLa), Fulvio Ruffert & Gregorio Serrasin(Unknown Label), E.T.H. Italy (Kina Music), MeeT (THANQ), Gummihz (Claap) and Alex Celler (Trelic) to name but a few and has so far performed in London, Rome and of course his hometown Athens.



Genre: minimal / tech house / techno 


Hometown: Athens, Greece


Record Label: THANQ / Tief Ltd / Psicodelica / Fragment / Tonic D Records / Kootz Music / eMBi Music / Deep Phase   


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