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Dim Day


Athens, Greece



Dim Day  is Greek techno and tech house artist Dimitris Bletsas also known for his psychedelic trance creations as Astro-D.


Dim Day is constantly coming up with fresh melodies and groovy bass lines, with 2 full length albums and  8 EPs and many singles. Worth mentioning are the officially supported and highly acclaimed releases of remixes that were created under his fingertips for artists like Tranceters  his remix for epic roaches  got support  by artists like Nick Warren, Herna Cattaneo, John Digweed.


His first #1 hit came the next year with his remix of a classic trance track on Andy Ling’s Fixation (Hooj Choons) that also reached #55 in the UK Singles Chart in 2000, released by Lost Language (X-Hooj Choons). This massive track reached #1 on Juno also  his  remix to classic Acadia Into the dawn  was included in the top 20 for 2016 at Dance Magazine and



Genre: tech house / techno


Hometown: Athens, Greece


Record Label: EDM Records / Power House Records / Ibiza Dance Music 


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