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Jackson Mac


Bahia, Brazil


  Paulo Alfonso was born in the 1980s, spending his upbringing years in Panana. Since a youngster, Paulo was drawn into the 4x4 rhythm and was fascinated by multi-instrument melodies which he was exposed, resulting in influencing him to discover more musical genres and soundscapes.


In 1994, Paulo got on hold of his first turntables, with him collecting records from various genres such as techno, house and break-beat. This led him into discovering his passion for DJing, and his personal commitment to strive as a DJ became a mission. Paulo’s career kickstarts 4 years later in 1998, with him playing in Argentina, Paraguay & Brazil in various different clubs, finding himself falling in love with underground electronic music and gaining on the field experience, which would then help him to set off his production career.


Fast forward to 2008, he shifts his focus from DJing to producing. Some of his first works have managed to bring him to the attention of platforms like beatport and traxsource, with some features on magazines and newspapers. In 2015, some of his tracks managed to reach the top 100 (positions no. 2, 4 & 45) with several radio stations Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, England and Mexico playing his music.


Paulo would like to believe that his music challenges what you already know, and requires somewhat of an open mind to perceive it. He values quality over quantity and focuses on the phonographic study for his personal musical evolution while blending analog and digital together.


His creations resonate a nostalgic old-school house and techno vibe with a dash of minimalism. His sound is marked by various grooves and graceful arrangements and his skills are constantly evolving over the years, with Paulo finding his signature sound and style more and more, while his passion of transmitting sounds that move the bodies on the dancefloors is at a level of prosperity.


Nowadays, Paulo is considered to be one of the important artists in his region, while receiving great reviews on the works he presents. Paulo has had the opportunity to collaborate with people from the electronic music culture, including some community-based projects such as “Citizen DJ” which helps students and children in the school environments.


Paulo has shared the stage with great artists Marky, Anna, Renato Cohen, Carlo Dalanese, Julio Torres, Gustavo Bravetti, Chemical Surf, Kleber, Camila Costa, Elton D among many others


Genre: Minimal / techno / tech house / old school


Hometown: Bahia, Brazil


Record Label: Wasabi Limited / Sphere Records / Mental Schizophrenia / Green Alien Records / Red Paradise Record



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