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Mikael Delta - Hugz EP

Mikael Delta is a name that needs little to no introduction. It all started when he co-founded the very well-known Greek band 'Stereo Nova' which captivated MTV's and Europe's attention. With his first solo release in 1994, Mikael has been in a constantly evolving state of sound.

Under his main alias, he returns to Deep Phase to deliver a ready for the clubs 2 track techno EP, with no other one than label head Mikee on the remix.

'Hugz' is a dark, minimal, and hypnotic track for peak time hours, with a mesmerizing synth from start to finish and variations of the drums leading to a moment of peace, before the drop for mental take off.

'Spiral power' stands on a similar soundscape, with minimal elements fading in and out. An evolving acid synth line leads the way to crowd mind control.

Mikee remixes 'Hugz' by stripping it down, yet with similar sounds and intensity.

DPH 096 Mikael Delta - Hugz EP _ cover 1


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