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Antony PL & Paul S


Athens, Greece



Antony PL & Paul S were born in Athens,Greece. They first met back in 2008. Together they started experimenting in electronic music and collecting vinyls and cds.
In 2010 Both studied music technology and electronic music production at SAE Athens! Having acquired the necessary skills, they made their first music productions focusing on Deep and Tech-house music.

They Signed their first EP on Yoruba Grooves and they had lots of support from Djs and Producers around the World! After that they signed tracks on Respected Labels as: Act Natural, Bondage Music, Deep Tech Records, Cyclic, Draft , Tip Tap And many more.
Their first Releases are already played and supported by the world's best djs such as Marco Carola, Joris Voorn , Stacey Pullen, DJ Sneak, Robert Dietz, Alexi Delano, Marko Nastic, Stuart Hawkings, Livid, Petar Cvetkovic, Thomas A.S., Ittetsu, Sonartek, Dan Noel, Crocodile Soup, Enzo Siragusa, Paco Osuna, Chris Lattner, Someone Else, Chicks Luv Us,Jun Akimoto, Proudly People, Ittetsu, Chad Andrew, Jam On, Jamahr, Duky, and many more.

They have shared decks with Dave Seaman, Christian Cambas, Re.You, Rampa, Mark Fanciulli, Fur Coat, Mikee, GummiHz, Nino Santos & Lightem, Kreon, Lemos, Fog, Kyros, Popof, Denis Horvat, Philipp Ort, Sek, Nick Varon,and many more, and they have played at many famous clubs all around Greek terittory.



Genre: deep tech, deep house, tech house


Hometown: Athens, Greece


Record Label: Deep Tech Records / Act Natural / Yoruba / Tip Tap / Draft LTD / Innocent


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